ADA Adds Newly Recognized Disabilities and Service Animals in the Workplace

On the December 30, 2012, the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 was amended, and the Fair Employment and Housing Council [1] altered the California Code of Regulations [2] to reflect those changes accordingly.[3] More specifically, the new regulations have expanded on the existing laws Continue reading

Reasonable Accommodations: When Are They Reasonable?

Some people may be unsure about how the courts determine the following: Whether an employer is being fair in making a reasonable accommodation, and What the difference is between being unemployed and dismissed. To help address these questions we will Continue reading

Appellate Court Distinguishes Pregnancy Disability Leave From Pregnancy Disability Discrimination

The California Court of Appeal’s decision in Sanchez v. Swissport, Inc., is of great importance, effecting the rights of employees with pregnancy-related disabilities. As a result of the decision, employers may be required to provide an employee with additional leave Continue reading

Gilstrap v. United Airlines: Disability Discrimination At Our Nation’s Airports

Is disability discrimination a problem at our nation’s airports? If one were to ask Michelle Gilstrap, she would no doubt answer with a resounding yes. Her experience with airlines – specifically United Airlines – left much to be desired in the Continue reading